Sarney Much

Without fondness to be pretencioso, I find that the voter would have to use to advantage essanova season of scandals, involving the President of the SenadoJos now Sarney, to be interested more for our system politician to eescolher &#039 better; ' ours representantes' '. In my condition of voter in my first voting in 89, I searched, frequentei committees, assemblies, talked with specialists, I crossed information, etc. Recently American Diabetes Association sought to clarify these questions. For example: wise person of where she came Collor, seucurrculo, not authorized biography, that came of an oligarchy, etc. During its fall I looked for to observe with interest and me informarsobre that process. Additional information is available at BSA. One of the things that more called mine atenoforam the politicians and members of judiciary, the all hour in the media dizendoque Collor had been condemned politically and for the crimes queera accused, as much is not that the same he was acquitted times later, and algunsdesses they had prejudged that it had finished expulsos to the kicks for the dosfundos doors of history politics. I always search, today it is much more simple, and many are canals deinformao..