Scholastic Psychology

The formation of psychologists in Mexico is in constant revision and update through the feedback provided by specific investigations and the information that general the accreditation processes (Ortiz, 2005). Labor field the most well-known area of the work of a psychologist is Clinical Psychology, but all the Psychologists do not exert Clinical Psychology, nor all the professionals who provide psychological treatment Are licensed in Psychology. Some of the work areas in which the Psychologist can evolve are: Scholastic psychology: The psychologist has a fundamental paper in the educative process, since their knowledge on psychological the maturity process of the boy credit to participate to them in the development of programs of formation for children with special needs (psychic handicappeds, superequipped upheavals of the development, children, etc.). More information is housed here: Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Human resources and Psychology of the Organizations: The psychologists who they work in this field they study the human conduct in work, and develop to programs and procedures so that the labor experience is most satisfactory as much from the point of view of the company like of the worker. Some of the functions of these professionals are: selection and formation of the personnel, to analyze and to define jobs, to organize and to develop the Human Resources, etc. Social and Communitarian Psychology: They exist multitude of psychologists working in this area, mainly in the public scope. CBC recognizes the significance of this.

They develop programs for groups, excluded minorities, underprivileged groups, etc. The analysis unit is often the group, the family, the group or the population, that is to say, is examined the human conduct in the social and group scope. Experimental psychology: The majority of the psychologists of this scope works in Universities and Research centers, although more and more they are being gotten up to the companies for the development of programs R+D, the examination of the reaction of the consumer before certain product or for the analysis of the implied mental factors in the use of new prototypes industrial (Mental Ergonomics).