Scientology Volunteer

” The training of the Volunteer Ministers began in March 2012. The first week took place in a hospital, which was the assessment and treatment of medical emergencies in the foreground. These included identifying and evaluating different degrees of severity of trauma and the respective Sofortbehandlung, heart cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the treatment of minor and major injuries as well as the care of children, pregnant women and the elderly. Next came a civil protection training for emergencies that can occur within residential and other buildings. This included the Organization and carrying out evacuations, the establishment of security zones and assessing the risk of a damaged building for the residents and the environment. Also, the Scientology Volunteer clergy completed a course for search – and -rescue missions under water. Here they learned in rivers and the sea in extreme conditions, including icy temperatures, strong currents, as well as lower or even any point of view to dive. We had to actually dive into waters where purely seen nothing”, so del Llano.

We have overcome our natural fears and are proud of the skills that we have won. It allows, in ways to help others, which we have not been able.” Further, the clergy were trained is to make initial assessments of disaster areas, to provide first aid to victims and to prevent damages, to save lives as to buildings threatened by evacuation from dangerous areas and collapse. During the training the volunteers were asked to serve, which made their use as more than 3 million people came together to the visit by Pope Benedict XVI in Mexico to the city of Silao, as part of the civil protection unit. Del Llano knows that there is to learn even more, but the completed training is the know-how, the team quickly with to deal most likely dangerous situations in disaster areas. We are immersed hitherto unknown world of professional disaster relief us in one”, he says. In conjunction with our knowledge of the helpful methods of L. Ron Hubbard, that manual is included in the Scientology, we are now able to provide valuable services in disaster areas.” More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. be ICH str 12, 80802 Munich contact: Uta Eilzer Tel.