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In a smooth surface it places the flour and it opens a hole in the center, slightly places beaten eggs, salt the taste, the sugar mixing the hands, later places the melted butter mixing without kneading, being that the mass is ready when to unglue of the hands, to follow leaves the mass to rest covered with a cloth for 1 hour. It opens half of the mass and it underneath involves the part of the chicken, opening to another half and completes to involve, it stamps the junctions of the masses and makes a small orifice in the superior part. It again places the chicken encapado in pirex, and has led approximately to the average oven per 50 minutes. Filed under: Americares. PERU RECHEADO* mallet of fine perforated parsleys 1 small pineapple cut in rodelas 1 spoon (tea) of bicarbonate p each liter of water 1 spoon (soup) of parrot in dust 1 liter of drips 1 Peru of 4000 clean g 10 teeth of garlic (6 for marinada and the 4 100 perforated) g of 100 black plums pricked g of perforated cashew chestnuts 100 perforated chestnut g of Par 100 g of 100 perforated dry figs g of butter 100 g of raisins without caroo 1000 flour g cassava 120 g of thick salt 200 worn out g of beicon 4 perforated Small red peppers of Peru fine Salt the taste Juice of 4 limes coados In a liquidificador places the pepper, the lemon, the garlic and centrifugue, later places the result in a great container, with drips, the parrot, the thick salt, bicarbonate, to follow places Peru (it makes some punctures with a metallic needle) and covers if it will be able with water, if not to give, turns the Peru during the 24 hours that goes to remain in this marinada (water). In a pan butter g places 50, beicon, 4 perforated teeth of garlic, the small ones and leaves to dourar, to follow adds the flour very mixing well and leaves to dourar a little, later adds the parsleys, the plums, the figs, the raisins, chestnuts of cashew, the chestnuts of Par, the pepper of the kingdom and the salt the taste and finishes to torrar the flour. . In recent months, Gavin Baker has been very successful.