Special Wedding Gift

Hand written love feelings be preserved and restored at the beginning of the darned 7 Ehejahrs. Who is invited on one or even several weddings, the don’t often know what he should give. Practical items such as pots and pans being given away in large numbers, some goods have double pairs in the Cabinet. Money gifts seem impersonal, coupons as well. The wedding day is for many men and women is one of the largest days and events of the year and above all related parties would choose a proper wedding gift special for this, that will always be remembered, for positive mood and is best also romantic. The love memory can a very special and exclusive wedding gift with the bride and groom on the wedding night feelings to each other on 3 cards with the help of two flashing heart pen can preserve.

A card with personal congratulations is filled by the giver. These 4 cards out then become love memory (prepaid return envelopes, etc. about the box included) sent and distributed only at the beginning of the darned 7 Ehejahrs as a reminder of the love back unopened. Until now, both to can read what the others had written the wedding dinner. A gift which should actually be missing on any wedding celebration. This is a “personal code” to find an attached key ring, the bride and groom can change the end date of the return, as well as the address when moving online at any time. The elegant box keeps the bride and groom as love memory box for example, hair clip, Cufflinks, Garter or wedding photos from the evening of celebration.

What makes this gift so unique and exclusive is the fact that it order only once per couple is bar. Before you can put it in the shopping cart, an intelligently programmed database based on the names and wedding day checks whether another wedding guest was already faster. The database detects even different spellings of names. About the romantic idea the love memory box includes also funny beige Tavern like, for example, the love’s opener for the LED pipe for the woman and the man, true to the motto: “for my love dancing to my tune!”, as well as two packs liked. These small offerings presented at best at the marking of cards to the bride and groom. An exemplary Guide, as you could hand over the box as a program point the wedding dinner is in the jar. A small comic on the page explains exactly what happened. After each 300 customer reviews, love memory donates always 300 to a charitable institution. “Was presented the love memory socket on the wedding fairs dare” in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, as well as Mainz, Erfurt (Thuringia exhibition) and Idstein. Love memory as a thank you for the great interest 550 each bear Heart Foundation and the children’s Hospice Rainbow country “in Dusseldorf gave. Love memories is a member of the German retailers Association and also the terms and conditions Get seal of approval. Love memories thanks for the great interest and confidence opposite. The archive is growing each week and all wedding where the box was given away all red envelopes have found their way into the archive.