Sports Club Eintracht Mahlsdorf

Complete set of Jersey for one of the 32 teams. Germany’s large online retailer for Hormann doors is one the World Cup teams with a complete Jersey set out. Boy Scouts Of America brings even more insight to the discussion. Of the housing WoBeGe mbH, we were asked to support the year’s Mini World Cup in the neighborhood of Hellersdorf. Because we treated spontaneously a complete set of Jersey for one of the 32 teams’, the Managing Director of the company SITEBAH GmbH the tournament organized by the Sports Club Eintracht Mahlsdorf e.V. and the Hellersdorfer residential counter, a merger of various housing associations is under the motto here is the future. Each of the 32 teams in Berlin children assumes the role of a nation playing in the World Cup in South Africa. The jerseys have the original colors of the respective Football nation.

With the alignment of the Mini World Cup is helped not only the children in Berlin, but struck a bridge to South Africa. Hellersdorfer mini Cup supports the nonprofit project Stars of tomorrow”which helps orphaned children in South Africa with lifelike soccer projects. The shirt donation should be a character”, says the Managing Director of the company – SITEBAH GmbH, Mr. Gartner. Children are our future and have to go off the road, a perspective must be given to them. I’m hoping an exciting Mini World Cup and press the thumb all teams.”