Stadium Centenarian

For Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR In 01.10.2011, in the Mestalla stadium, Valence 1×0 Granada, the arbitrator Eduardo Gonzalez slid and finished giving to a stand in the stocking Sergio Canales, it Valence. Recently PCRM sought to clarify these questions. It deserved a card? It had only been applied for the assistant Days later, in 07.10.2011, the Australia game 5×0 Malaysia, the additions, malaio zagueiro K. Reuben obtained the exploit to give a stand in the arbitrator! It must be the dream of very zagueiro and still superficially it did not gain card, it launches therefore it was involuntary. Let us see to follow some curious cases of cards that, in contrast of the cases above, had been applied. Record of cards in one only broken In 16.04.1978, for the Brazilian championship, in the game Brazil de Pelotas 0x1 Caxias, in the Stadium Centenarian, the So Paulo arbitrator Edmundo Abssanra distributed 13 yellow cards for players of Brazil, that is, the 11 that they had started playing (one of them then the zagueiro and current Felipo technician) and the 2 that they had entered in second time. Detail: without banishing none. In 01.06.1993, in Paraguay, in the game Sportivo Ameliano x General Caballero, the arbitrator William Weiler banished 20 players. In 26.06.1954, for the Match River So Paulo, in the Pacaembu, when the Portuguese won the Botafogo for 3×1, a generalized confusion made with that the arbitrator Carlos de Oliveira Hunter banished all the 22 players in field, between them Garrincha.

In 25.10.1992, in a game between juniores, Round Return, the arbitrator Julio Lousada Pear tree simply banished 32 players from the Round Return and the Campo Grande. That is, bearers and reserves, nobody escaped. Later, the STJD suspended them for three games remains to know with that players these teamses if had presented in these three departures. Source: EMED. Madnesses of the soccer.