Stimulate Reading

You have the habit of reading is critical to stimulate creativity, imagination, intelligence, language and concentration of children. As well as toys, books must be present in the children’s day. Books enrich us all and allow us to involve us in stories, and provide us with information. They can also you have fun with the them, as well as also learn values. We never end of talk about the benefits that provide us with the books. We must recognize that reading books is essential, and the child read it take him to this corner so exquisite that it is the adventure of knowledge, of knowledge and discover. With patience and dedication we must inculcate the habit of reading to children since they are babies. We must teach our children to look up information on books from an early age.

Since they are born is therefore essential to be able to read a story, history, poems, etc would be good to be able to put a schedule determined a day to do so, that it becomes habit. For example: could be at bedtime, or after the meal. Not exactly child must know read so you have contacts with books. For even more details, read what Chase Koch says on the issue. There are books for all ages. You can find books only with images, books with vocabularies, i.e.

in addition to the image are also under the same name, so you can see the letters and words. And for children who already know how to read, there are books with images and text. For children who already know how to read let it read that interest them, whatever it is (always according to age). As parents we have to assess the time of children’s reading. We provide all kinds of books, either material that is (fabric, cardboard, plastic, etc.), is precise, when the child does not understand something, be able to respond to all your questions.