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This money would be enough for 30,000 school computers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The matter of priorities. Consequently, the authorities time to decide on priorities, and the opposition, to remember their primary functions of the control actions of the authorities. It is necessary, finally, clearly dissociate the priorities of the people on the priorities of the party and bureaucratic tops. In any country, education is a national priority. The “reform” offered by the current Minister Education and Science, D. Tabachnik, at least, deprived of elementary logic, but by and large, it is illegal, because contrary to the Constitution. A study conducted by the Foundation ‘People First’, showed that for the majority of Ukrainian families of decent education for children means more than the question of employment and salary level of parents.

Therefore, violation of right to education is perceived Ukrainians as an infringement on their fundamental and inalienable rights. The proposed scheme can make the Minister of Universities in another cash cow for the content of the budget. But who is the budget, or people bureaucrats? Why the state budget is more like a purse party in power? Why the opposition cries about the interests of people just before the election, and barely raised his voice when plundered the country’s budget? If the proposed Bill is passed, people will lose confidence in the state remains. Even now the Ukrainians raised to protect the schools. In Donetsk, the parents banded together to prevent the closure of the Ukrainian school. Student Protests against legislative change. In this context, is not superfluous to recall the recent protests in Britain and France. They strongly suggest that students are able to achieve their goals.

Therefore, if the President wants avoid similar problems, he should be wise, revising the educational reform, and along with the question of compliance of some ministers to their posts. Quote of the Week: If you say a lie big enough and ‘ll be repeating it, sooner or later people will believe it. You can then continue to lie until the state can not hide from the people of political, economic and military consequences of the lie. Thus, a priority state is the suppression of dissent, because the truth is the natural enemy of lies.