Successfully Attract Girls And Women Seduce

That all people know the worst feeling of a seducer, who are interested in women. Anyone who is interested in women knows the feeling. This is also my main argument why I think that every man can succeed in seducing women. Just because everyone has had that feeling was a time and an energy is developed. But okay, what am I talking at all? Let me tell you a little anecdote. Occurred before about a year, when I went home by bus. As luck would have it I was sitting next to a brunette girl – exactly my type. I carefully peeked out onto their Mp3 players and heard that she heard good music.

A strange feeling which was in me: I should not speak them? On the music? Or anything else? I couldn’t believe myself. What should I say? She heard Yes music. Also all the people here to me around. I adjourned the decision and hoped that she must drive at least as far as I. Maybe she gets out even at the same stop as me and Yes -then – then I’d speak they of course. But okay, as we know it it was different.

Directly at the next stop, she made institutions to stand up. She sat at the window, which is why I she had to let. She smiled and indicated that just want to get off. Oh dear! But not now! But just now wasn’t the perfect time to say anything? Her smile was adorable. Of course I said nothing. I just let out and sat down again. The bus stopped. I was thinking: now, the chance was still there. So – what to do? I got up and left the bus also. Out then was my object of desire of course quite a few meters away… I ran behind? I called anything? No. I stopped as rooted. It seemed silly, there now also is running behind. The bus drove away. Great, I thought to myself. That may be true. If you have read about Harold Ford Jr already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Now, was I got out extra – and anyway, have not addressed them! I would say anything no matter! Now, the moral of the story ‘: attract the woman! Nothing is worse, really, than afterwards “throw to himself” to not at least have tried it. Each failure is better than the feeling of helplessness to length, because you don’t know how it would have gone out. This moment and this day at least the eyes opened in the relationship me and I try to take advantage of any situation, so I must experience that not even so. It works very well. So – ran! It can hurt. Motivation texts and Anrgegungen, visit my girls attract and seduce women blog. Good luck and best wishes! Pierre