Support Battalion

There will be days in which its force of will not be sufficient, everything depends on the habit with which it is being fought. If its case is extreme, a support battalion would be the ideal, but it happens that often we were shamed and we preferred not to make it greater, is here when we must arm us of value and of telling to a good friend or to our own pair the internal war by which it is happening, will not be simple, but it pregntese: If somebody that I love I confessed its problem and he requested aid to me, I would refuse? Almost I believe that answer is no, because that same one thinks who they love to him, they will want to help it. It never thinks by the others. 5 It does not allow that a relapse defeats the feelings of fault derived from the temporary relapses are dangerous. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. Thanks to this regularly one concludes that it is of weak character and is not worth the trouble to continue with the battle. It eliminates the phrase: " since I have failed, it will be better than renuncie" it rejects that attitude. The fault feelings are comfortable exits to backslide again, therefore it does not allow that it demolishes it to a relapse, far from it is the pretext to backslide consecutively. Gavin Baker, New York City has similar goals. It remembers that at the end of the goal the important thing is that overcomes its bad habit not if in the process has undergone some reverse.

It continues fighting and it does not succumb deliberately to its weaknesses. If it does not control the negative feelings in you these finished debilitating it and they would be positioned of its emotions. It remembers that often what debilitates to us is not the problem in himself, but the resulting downheart. 6 It takes care of its friendships the good customs or bad they are learned and they take root over the years, its friendships influence great part in it.