The HR Magazine of the job platform monster is dedicated to his editorial in November 2011 all the subject of conflicts in a professional context. Conflict is not just a conflict. Therefore, different types of conflict require specific solutions. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor of Internet Governance. The basics of successful conflict management are a possible early detection of smouldering conflicts, as well as an accurate analysis of this kind of conflict. Sustainable and long-term effective conflict management aims to limit the occurrence of conflict as comprehensively as possible. How a low-conflict professional environment fashion can be, learns the reader with examples from the practice of conflict advisers. Conflict recognize early on simmering conflicts before they flare up, requires good observation skills.

On what evidence in the communication and in the behavior of people, responsible executives can recognize hidden conflict, gives the article with numerous examples. Also different types of conflict on the matter and the relationship level presented with the aim to assist the reader in the categorisation of the hearth of a conflict. This analysis is used as the key for the appropriate way to a solution. A purely factual dispute over the allocation of resources requires, for example, completely different solutions as a conflict based on personal differences. Prevention is the best conflict management conflict cost nerves, time and money.

Aim of the preventive activities of conflict management in the company is to create a working environment that offers little potential for the emergence of conflict. Open communication, clarity in assignment and distribution, as well as the right mix of spatial proximity and distance of the members of a team are the preventative drug of choice here. A concise collection of frameworks, contributing to conflicts, list the check conflict beneficiaries end circumstances”. Use this checklist managers can check what communicative and structural circumstances in Conflicts promote their company and initiate conflict-limiting measures. “” “Checklists conflict management this checklist and the checklist symptoms of conflict” and the check list of conflict types “are available in the download area of the competence center conflict management free of charge: download check-lists the complete version of the article tips for conflict management” can in the publications area “be viewed and printed out if necessary: publications