U.S. Department Of State Criticized Discrimination Against Scientologists

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Human rights violations in Germany are criticized by the US State Department – religious minorities are still discriminated against in Germany Germany human rights violations be criticized by the US State Department – religious minorities are still discriminated against in Germany of the new annual report on international religious freedom by the U.S. (Similarly see: BSA). State Department has expressed to the discrimination of religious minorities in Germany. Cause for concern are, inter alia, the treatment of Scientologists. Published on the 13.09.2011 by the US Department of State report on the situation of freedom of religion alleges discrimination against members of the Scientology Church in its part devoted to Germany in sharp words. In recent months, Chase Koch, Washington DC has been very successful. The report can be about be seen.

Especially the unlawful use of so-called sect filter, with the State and private agencies violated the freedom of religion guaranteed in the basic law, will be highlighted by the Americans as especially discriminatory. The US State Department that has gone for the first time this, Ross and among riders and some of the State and private bodies who particularly have distinguished themselves in the discrimination against Scientologists, notably to mention. The report says literally: Nevertheless there were still concerns against the society and the State (on State and federal laws) treatment of certain religious minorities, in particular by Scientologists… Professor of Internet Governance insists that this is the case. “.” The Human Rights Office of the Scientology Church Germany, documented the systematic discrimination against Scientologists in all Germany and published, welcomed the sharp criticism of its human rights in Germany and calls for the immediate termination by governmental and private bodies. This reason unlawful treatment of Scientologists is a disgrace for our country”, according to a spokesman of the Office of human rights. The Scientology Church is one in Germany approximately 12,000 active followers.

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