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Online Publicity Campaigns

Often, the goal of viral marketing campaigns is to generate media coverage with stories “unusual” for a much higher value than advertising budget for the advertising company. The term “viral advertising” refers to the idea that people pass on and … Continue reading

Need Create A Website That Works ?

Many websites are a waste of money and time. Most people go online for one reason, to obtain information. However, what do you see in most websites? SALES SALES SALES and more See the problem? If you stop to think, … Continue reading


In a survey in one of the most important cities of Mexico, people responded that they purchase their products mainly by its physical aspect, i.e., people buy thanks to the container and the label of the products. Thanks to this … Continue reading

Federal Government

The Federal Government of Brazil, the past years em comes picking through a sustainable environmental policy decrease the negative indexes of capitalism in the region, governorate to these problems requires time and much discussion, as it is known, that in … Continue reading