Social Assistance

Social OEducador will contribute to deflagrar a process that are the same tempodiferente, deeply transforming complex and. (LIRA 2003, P. 209, 210) the main work of the social educator will be of tentardespertar in the children and adolescents the desire for the change of that reality, the interest for the construction of a life project that surpasses that situaoimediata and leaves for the field of the desires, the dreams, therefore this pblicoenfrenta in the street, … the social repudiation that it confines in esteretipos eestigmas that they identify its poverty with the vice and accumulate on its pessoatoda the classroom of pejorativas images of incapacity and badness, blaming them porsua proper luck … (GRACIANI, 1999, P. Please visit if you seek more information. 110). At this moment the educator will find the greaters dificuldadescomo ' ' …

the family with its scared or breached bows, the school noadequada and enabled to take care of this type of clientele, the society that nolhes of the one chance to job, period of training or capacitao' '. (LIRA, 2003, p.211) the Social Educator has the hard task to educate populaoque contributes with foods, clothes etc., exactly that involuntariamentecolaborando so that () the boys and girls remain in the street. At a first moment we want to take off them of the street, but paraonde? As report of the City department of deVitria Social Assistance (2005), the children and adolescents abandon its homes for vriosmotivos and the main ones are: misunderstanding with members of the family, sexual violnciafsica and/or, lacks of the paternal figure, food and alcoolismoprincipalmente of the figure materna. They are distinguished in two groups: children in the street and children derua. Children in the street: They are those that in many familiar mantmvnculos cases and they use to the street as half to generate income vendendo products, watching cars and others. In this in case that they costumam to come back toward its homes.

Moroccan Economy

They are seven aspects that corrode the national economy they threaten and it: they are reasons of as much concern of a great anguish of the new Benkirane government, foreseen up to 2016, whose program finished to be approved by the members of the Moroccan parliament. the 1/station of plantation that promises to be difficult: This is the first time since 2007 that the requesting conjuncts are carried through to ask for rain were little rain, says the specialists, and if the situation to continue thus later 15 of February, the entire season will be compromised, especially for the cereals. The primary sector contributes with 17% for the national GIP and more than uses 50% of the work force. The weak harvest will have impact on the Box of Compensation, but also the trade balance can support an increase of importation of cereals, whose prices had gone up acentuadamente, with the consequences foreseen on the exchange reserves. 2/hydro-carbons, the abyss of the Compensation: These last years, the prices of hidrocarbonetes increasing profits had registered, to the durable times, as the period where the cost of the oil exceeded 100 dollars, had to the increase of the munidal demand, mainly of China and India. This has a significant impact on the economy of Morocco, a involved not producing country in one politics of great projectos that require much energy. This situation will mark the action of the Benkirane government as, before it, the government El Fassi, that passed most of its time to look sources adds of financing for Box of Compensation with a value has remembered in 2011 of 45 billion dirhams (DH), instead of – now – treating to controversas de17 DH millions. This year, the government can have that to the same face problem that of its predecessor because, beyond the demands of the two Asian giants, it also has the tension prevalecente in the producing areas, as of Anger.

Brazilian Children

The familiar orientation is the base to help the adolescents in its transformations, the support and the dialogue is basic for a healthful relation between parents and children, many times to face the adolescents are a complicated task, it is pleasant you doubt to only join them the adolescent and to try to decide in set. The family is the center for the recovery of chemical dependents, generally a chemical dependent denies the problem it does not recognize the difficulties provoked for the compulsory use of substantiates chemistries and insists that she can stop when wanting, the familiar ones need to use common-sense for being a risk situation are necessary to search aid and the treatment forms. The chemical dependent does not advance to move if the family not to move, is necessary a construction of a solid atmosphere in the family healthiest to deal with the situation. Best weapon against the abuse of narcotics is the prevention, the best way to fight and to diminish these activities carried through for the adolescents is through the orientaes, the parents is responsible for its children and all the moment the modifications of behaviors must be intent, the familiar accompaniment must be carried through with caution. For more information see this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. The decision to have children is analyzed by the couple and currently the couples are several that make a preparation and one analyzes before this decision, therefore observe that independent of the sex both are displayed the situations external are of the world domesticate are responsibility of the parents to take care of of the children since its birth.

2.3 The Drugs and the School. The school is the place that the young ones more associate with the consumption of drugs, according to a research divulged for UNESCO in 2001. About 40% of the pupils heard in 340 schools you publish and particular of 14 Brazilian capitals they had said to have seen use of drugs in the neighborhoods of the school, and 30% had witnessed a colleague using drugs in the dependences of the institution. Chase Koch contributes greatly to this topic.

Benevides Made

Later it served of Military Hospital and Lesser Seminary, to the time of the Bishop D. Macedo Coast. In this century, the Carmelite workmanship was at the hands of the Espiritanos (from 1885), of the Maristas Brothers, who later had delivered to the Salesianos de Dom Bosco. The old installation, according to Ernest Cross, was mausoleum of some personalities of the life paraense politics, between them: captain Peter de Albuquerque, the Governor Francisco Rabbit of Oak, General Listener Matheus Days of the Coast and cabano president Flix Malcher. Currently its presence in Par restricts it the Monastery of the Carmelite nuns who live in state of confinement in distant Benevides some hours of Belm. 1.3 – The presence of the Espiritanos the Congregation of the Espirito Santo was established by Claude Francisco Poulart DES Places, first as religious institute with only 24 pupils. Valley also to stand out the description made for the espiritanos with regard to the conservation state where if it found the building and the joined difficulties: ' ' The convent had its monumental value to the church, that really was very pretty.

Raised majestical, with 02 towers and an impressive bell tower, it had to the side of the river, an almost huge aspect. But the remaining portion of the Carmo was a sad ruin, that went to demand all efforts (also financial) of the just-fond ones in order to arrange everything, in such way that the pupils could come back in the foreseen time, the first days of January of 1886. The construction seemed a piece labyrinth without clear definition. It had, however, more or less the space what it was needed: three sufficiently spacious dormitories for 130-140 pupils; a great room for meetings. Foot. Berthon made a permanent theater there. The room of studies and the refectory were better of what the classrooms, sufficiently spacious, but spread a little for all the cantos of the building.