Tuesday Program

The program of the new Government of Portuguese centre-right, headed by Pedro Passos Coelho, contemplates the suspension of the project of high-speed (AVE) between Lisbon and Madrid, within a comprehensive package of adjustment measures to reduce public spending. The decision will take into account the legal status of the contracts already signed, requires the program that the Executive has delivered on Tuesday to the Parliament, and may be reassessed in the future. response will follow. During the recent election campaign, the suspension of the bird was one of the horses of the new Prime Minister. In the same section of large public works projects, Passos Coelho of government program says that you will analyze the opportunity of construction of a new airport in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, which was planned by the previous Executive of the Socialist Jose Socrates. Source of the news:: Portugal suspends the bird project between Lisbon and Madrid

Nostalgia Ochentera Night

It was yesterday evening in full sun in Sonar. A hooded man dressed in black are swung on its machines. Gusts of white smoke wrapped the fragility of fired voices as if they were aerosols. A rhythm of humor and strident blades waved to the beat of something as well as the bells of a cathedral. So it sounds sound English misting and hermetic Holy Other, one of the leading artists of the small seal Tri Angle, who won on the afternoon of yesterday of the programming of the scenario of the MACBA. And what they proposed is a dark, slow and spiritual matter.

Some called him at his house or drag witch time. But the invention, which already clearly transcends these labels, has spent months staining current electronics of a darkness spiritual with bands such as Salem, Balam Acab or How to dress Well. Sonar, giving them a space for themselves, yesterday gave this current certificate of maturity. Source of the news:: nostalgia ochentera night

Bank Assistance

I am enemy create ministries and I believe that we need to delete a few, but in the specific case I’m inclined to the creation of the Ministry to combat poverty, not only to put the emphasis on a priority programme of the State but so have the political strength of coordinate dependencies, since we will have to appeal to all plants, but also to the regional and local. Official site: Center For Responsible Lending. We must involve all levels of power, because I think that we should advance is a focus. That is, census by neighborhood or locality of skills that may be the subject of productive organization and immediate to microcredit recurrence. I believe that this programme should focus on women. I speak of projects of all kinds, an imagination fueled by the officials who carry out investigations and a system of loans such as the ones implemented in way more than successful for the Bank of the poor of Bangladesh and that he deserved the Nobel Prize holder.

I speak of urban areas and I acknowledge differences with the programmes to be implemented in rural areas, but there are enough experiences to develop plans. The State gives infrastructure, from roads to health services, but must be people, with all the necessary assistance, which go to training and cooperative for the development of natural resources and employment until the establishment of casas-escuelas for children of these marginalized areas. I intend to draw a national solidarity programme to involve not only to private enterprise but to the entire population, to take advantage of opportunities for employment and volunteer training and implement a working method community understandable by people who show solidarity. He is not of assistance, it’s also conditional and structural aid: to make beneficiary goes as a condition children’s attendance at school. It is my general principle: whoever wants claims must pay them with their personal improvement.

Effective Economic Policy

Firstly, the 10,000 annual connections originally agreed in the contract, Lydec only made a total of 1,250 between 1997 and 2007. Second, public opinion critical of the fact that the connection cost, which amounts to almost 800, is exorbitant for people whose average income of 1,600 per year. In addition, suburban areas, where water and sanitation are most needed, incomes are much lower. This contrasts with figures for the combined revenue from private companies in charge of private management in the three outbreaks Urban mentioned: these benefits amounted to 8 billion dirhams, about 704 million euros, corresponding to between 2 and 2.5% of GDP in Morocco. Also, the investment that had contractually committed Lydec has been inadequate: the 3815 agreed billion dirhams, the company has paid only 2074 billion dirhams, ie, only 54% of the agreed total. Contact information is here: Boy Scouts of America. Finally, in regard to professional actions, Lydec benefits divided by 2009, the date stipulated in the contract. In fact, between 2003 and 2006, Lydec had distributed 560 million dirhams. In addition, Lydec broke the law by unreasonably transferring 678 million dirhams, 85% of the capital purportedly contributed by Lydec, shareholders and overseas suppliers.

Conclusions and Solutions Several associations and institutions, including the Association for World Water Contract Morocco (ACME-Maroc), consider these two cases as examples of the wrong approach by the Moroccan government. The ACME criticized what they your opinion is an unfair and ineffective economic policy that turns citizens into consumers. Considering that the state is incapable of managing water and only the market can manage the new methods needed for an efficient distribution of this resource, policy makers are becoming more serious, in fact, itself the critical problems of water scarcity and sanitation. These organizations require that access to water is considered a fundamental human right and that their distribution is organized as a social service as a business and not regulated by the arbitrary laws of supply and demand. Center For Responsible Lending will not settle for partial explanations. They also challenge the decisions of the World Water forum, dictated by the large private water holdings in the world, the Moroccan government and require a critical approach to these economic interests. They also propose that the promotion of activities related to production and distribution of water is based on a public-public partnership between countries of North and South and between various Southern countries. Finally, these organizations require the establishment of credible mechanisms to include civil society in monitoring and controlling the activities of public bodies, so as to apply the principles of participatory democracy.

As solutions, the ACME suggests the short-term reduction of wastage and the reorientation of production toward sectors of water use more economical and less polluting, both in agriculture and in tourism and industrial sectors, particularly in the petrochemical industry. Ultimately, various associations proposed as a solution determining the return of water management at the hands of municipalities, following the example of several countries in the north, so as to ensure the right to universal access to water and public sanitation. If you are interested in water issues in Morocco, I recommend you visit the country to see first hand the problems and explore solutions. They can even stay in one of the many mentioned above, or in a traditional found in the center of the city.