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What we do for them? Laboratory for experiments, a nature reserve. Or an incubator?? Why do we need them? The way the government would safeguard the truth about UFOs from the public and tried hard to make this mystery, described and documented in his books famous astronomers such as Major Donald Keyham, Allen Hynek (he was a consultant to the U.S. To read more click here: Eliot Lauer. Air Force on matters relating to UFOs), Timothy Goode with his book entitled "Top Secret "and other well-known researchers. Christopher Kraft, who is a former director of NASA, after leaving office, gave reporters a secret recording that was made in Houston, during the recording of flight Moon Apollo 11. In this record, the astronauts on board were talking to Mission Control Center. Their dialogue is that the astronauts on the moon saw other spacecraft, standing in a row near their vehicle. Link was broken, and the control center is constantly asked to repeat the last sentence again.

The astronauts were trying to photograph a UFO, but with the spacecraft repeatedly "shot", as one of the talking astronauts, and the film was ruined. If all this really exists, and the crew actually discovered on the Moon UFOs secret base, of course, governments have agreed among themselves to hide this information from the public. The only problem is that the witnesses themselves sooner or later, other researchers discovered what they saw. Among these experts were former advisers of the UN UFO, secret agents, who made pictures for NASA, soldiers military intelligence, took part in the operations and knowing the secret data, a doctor from the NASA space program, which had a security clearance.