Active Volunteers, Godparents In Germany Tenfold

You give your time for a better future of a child or an adolescent. Active volunteers, godparents give your time to be a child or young people from a disadvantaged social layer through regular contact with support and encouragement. You are taught by local non-profit agencies interested ‘sponsored ‘children and their parents. Maximum 7000 active Godfather in 2002 have become at least 70000. However, if once the regional or nationwide press well and extensively reported about our website and database, then our daily number of visitors tripled rises.

This proves that there is a great potential of active volunteers, godparents, that the expression ‘Active Godfather’ but still too little for GOOGLE users is known. search Active Godfather 1500 local projects in over 1000 cities for four categories: family Godfather, Godfather of the children, learning sponsors and job godparents. It goes to the moral, non-financial and sustainable support of a child or young people from a disadvantaged social layer: single mothers and other cancelled with children without familial connection, migrants, education parents etc. Via our website you can find also a local mediation, which may not yet on our database. It is enough to know our Web site, and then enter one of the local names and under names of the categories in the GOOGLE window followed by the location of the seeker. Contact: Randolf Garcia sponsorships-Aktiv e.V. Ungerer str. 19, 80802 Munich