The Campaign

I was fan of the Daniel still child, when vi a film on it, and what more called me attention were the fact of it to pray three times per day with the face come back toward the side of Jerusalem. Then, I decided that I would be for one complete hour in conjuncts in those nights of the campaign, to search the God and to see if he improved my life in all the areas, mainly the spiritual. In one of the conjunct nights, it strengtove while me for searching a direction and communion with God, something happened fast unexpected e. I had a vision lightning, with me exactly, as it was a drawing in a blank leaf. In the vision I was of foot, to the side of a seated pregnant woman in a chair. It lasted less of one second, but this gave pra to see everything. It left that me very curious.

I stopped to pray and I was repeating some times: – Who is this pregnant woman? – Who is this pregnant woman? It knows what it happened? God did not answer me. About three days later, I there was, of new, praying, and I had another vision. Of this time, I and the pregnant woman were in foot, next to a door, leaned in a green wall of a corridor. I stopped the conjunct again, repeating: ' ' of new this woman pregnant woman? But, after all of accounts, who she is this woman? ' '. God, of new, did not answer me. I was intrigued with those vises, because it had five years that I and my wife did not have confirmation of a pregnancy. The signals always were false alarms. All time that it needed to take some remedy for a severe inflammation in the throat, before made a test of pregnancy, these of pharmacy, and nothing.