The Cradle

During the stage of the change of cradle to bed or bed of transition, the parents we felt fear of which our son falls, is struck and that is walking until our room. If one is a house in which are stairs, it is essential to take all the necessary safety measures so that the boy does not hurt itself. In addition it is important that it does not have no object in the way with which it can encounter and be hurt. If the boy is customary to sleep in his dormitory, and if he awakes by some reason, he cries or he calls to his parents. The fundamental thing before this situation is that the parents always go to the nursery and not to take to the boy to the dormitory of the parents.

If the boy still to duer me in the bed of the parents and is thinking about removing the bars to the cradle or to pass it to a bed, is not the best moment to do it. First it will be necessary to pass it to its cradle, to accustom it to that it sleeps there and once trained to sleep in its place, is possible to be passed to the bed or bed of transition. When the decision is taken, there is transmtele to our son joy because or he is greater and or is in age to sleep in a bed. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Neal Barnard. That day one can be organized celebration to celebrate the great change. It is good also that it participates in the disarmed one of the cradle and the armed one of the bed of transition or the new bed.