The Dog

In recently weaned puppies we must prevent the walk and contact with other dogs until you it has put its first batch of vaccines.When the dog has learned to contain his needs and not get dirty at home, the animal is will withstand up to burst, rather than stain the floor. The regularity of schedules is important, this way the dog will know when it’s up and even when you must endure it. I will teach to do it in the right places, there are several techniques that the dog or puppy learn to do so, for an adult dog and when even this puppy, the technique of paper, is one among many others.In terms of hygiene, if practiced regularly will prevent bigger problems, which in extreme cases could worsen and reach require veterinary attention or be a source of spread of diseases to people living with the dog. It takes a special both eyes and feet care, hair and all parts of your bathroom cuerpoEl should give a couple of times a year at most, and never to puppies less than six months. Regular brushing and own the dog fat secretion serve to keep you clean the rest of the time. Among others…By instinct dog sniffs urines and stools, since they give you a lot of information about the other animal.If your dog is male and nosing urine from a female in estrus hydatidosis is a parasitic disease, which does not affect the dog, whereas only carrying parasites at a time of their life cycle, but then it infects people, for which could be deadly.This is a summary of care that should be having with a dog or puppy that has a pet in the House, but it is a broad topic that you should deal with subjects such as: fight mating female in visits to the veterinarian when zeal makes their feces in places that shouldn’t care power training. Here you will find a guide to more advanced and detailed on how to look after your dog or puppy, when you buy one also implies the obligation to care for him and take care of it.