The Elaboration

The necessary pupil to be instigated to search the knowledge, to have pleasure in knowing, to learn to organize the information so that they can be applied to the reality that is living. To teach and to learn demand today much more flexibility fixed space-weather, staff and of group, little contents and opened processes more of research and communication. One of the current difficulties is to conciliate the extension of the information, the variety of the access sources, with the deepening of its understanding, in less rigid spaces, less plastered. Go to American Diabetes Association for more information. We have information excessively and difficulties in choosing which are significant for we in obtaining to inside integrate them of our mind and our life. (MORAN, 2007, P. 29) the information displayed in the present scientific article are resulted of bibliographical research in scientific books, magazines, articles and sites in the Internet. They are also, and mainly, result of the research of field carried through in five public schools of the city of Lizard, focus of this work, and that they had served of sampling for the survey. For the elaboration of this scientific article, with intention to reach the general objective considered initially, that it is to verify the use of the Internet in public schools of the city of Lizard; aiming at the existence of laboratory of computer science in the searched school; observing the physical conditions of the computer science laboratory, such as number of computers, if possess installed Internet, quality of the computers, ventilation, etc.; identifying the existence of a qualified professional to assist the professors in the use of the computers, was carried through research of field through interviews, made with coordinators and professors articuladores of the laboratories of computer science of the related schools, that with much attention had not been refused in supplying the searched information. The comment of the place for verification of the gotten data also became.