The First

But with effort and persistence, you can rid of the debt in a much shorter time than you imagine. Step #1 gather all credit cards that has and choose one which wants to stay to cancel products that cannot be paid with cash, for example when making purchases over the Internet. Step #2 write down everything you what It must for every card, when it expires, and which is the rate of interest of each one. Step #3 choose the one that has the lowest value of debt and to double the amount of the payment of that card. You may want to visit Andrew Ross Sorkin to increase your knowledge. Then try to pay it as soon as possible.

Step #4 when you have paid your first credit card, celebrate his victory and cut it with scissors to use anymore. Step #5 then choose the next card with the lowest value and use the surplus remaining by having paid the first card to cancel the second. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with their remaining cards until they are all paid. You will see that there will be a snowball effect of snow with each card that trims, since the amount of the payment of past debts is going to go up and will be available to pay the debts of the pending cards. Step #6 avoid impulsive purchases.

Don’t go to the grocery store without a list. Compare prices and always pay everything with cash. Step #7 Use the card which fits very carefully. Only shop when you know you’re going to be able to pay the full amount of your purchase at the time of the collection of the card, which is usually the next month. Never pay in installments.