The First

Dgei bound for Dvila and was knowing that they were arriving. they had really arrived! Perhaps one hour after this linking. Dgei and I was them to me next in a stop when we saw two girls arriving in one van. Dgei soon recognized Dvila. The moment had fond, therefore, now it would go to know the friend of Dvila, and to kill my anxiety.

Then I it vi for the first time! I confess that I was happy, therefore the girl is pretty! Very different of what it waited. A princess, its name is Dayane and it she is everything that I dreamed. Without much ceremony I arrived until Dayane in order to present me. When touching its hand for the first time, feeling something wonderful, however inesplicvel, at this moment I took my lips until its face giving to it my first kiss. After that Dgei made the choice of the place for where we iriamos, then we start to walk, Dayane and I was of given hands. When arriving them to me in the place, or better, in a square, we were until a bank stops seating in them.

Dgei and Dvila had started to dialogue between them, tried to change some words with Dayane, but its shyness made me to leave the colloquy for another day. Without words to express so great happiness in encontrla, I looked at deep in the eyes of Dayane and delhe a kiss, after this more one, more two, and another one, plus another one still and still more another one. Some time later, my cousin Nor (brother of Dgei), arrived stops searching in them, therefore it had made a plan with Nor leaving them the girls to me next to its houses. Others who may share this opinion include Shorefront. During the way I looked for not to lose time some far from Dayane, therefore, throughout the way Dayane and I beijavamos in them successively.