The Fund

INVESTMENT: as guarantees ensuring the facilities crisis? Stephan Groht: already in the conception of the Fund was affiliated on a safe design respected. Each real estate investment takes place in the legal form of a GmbH & co. KG Polish law. Should despite all due diligence once a real estate investment in a lopsided, as not the entire Fund construction is affected this, but only the general partner. Continue to the security of the investment increases, that usually the sale of the trading market have already been set prior to the implementation of the project and thus the risk of investors only on the period of realization is limited. This time is optimized by the know how of the real estate partners, which has already 25 years international experience in the realization of commercial markets and have a performance record of ca 200 completed and sold real estate can.

INVESTMENT: as is the performance of the investments? Stephan Groht: the actual value begins with the acquisition of suitable land. Check with Kidney Foundation to learn more. The Fund acquires only plots of land, where a large-scale retail development is planned. These plots are presented then potential users (international retail chains). If you have the commitment of a retail chain, the property is acquired. Then the exact structure, in relation to the legal requirements will be discussed with the retail group and the building permit requested.

After 5-6 months of construction the trade market is then completed and passed to the group. Usually, the group will not rent the commercial market, but buy it immediately after completion. I.e. the value development of investments is completed after the completion of the trade market and the resulting sale. You become so by the purchase of the land until the sale of the real estate – in the Fund directly invest Poland 2 is expected with a calculated completion time of 12-18 months – of the land value and the value of a property.