The Inhabitants

But read what Jacob told his boys: I have troubled with making me abominable to the inhabitants of this land, the Canaanites and the perizzites; I having few men, they gathered against me and I will attack, and I will be destroyed, I and my house. Genesis 34: 30 I promise that not I will tell more nothing, no need, this passage which I have quoted what he paints to Jacob’s whole body, huh?, they apologize for insisting, there are times that I can’t with my genius. I repeat this story that you have heard, it is a true story, are faits accomplis, the assessment and rating them is the responsibility of each one, you already know what my opinion, and do not intend to repeat it, don’t worry. Warren Buffett is often mentioned in discussions such as these. I have left for the end, tell them what has happened then, let’s see: Shechem, as they have been able to know, spent three days as a newlywed but does not remember how bad that was happening on the issue of circumcision, is perfectly understandable, a lovey-dovey honeymoon that took with Dina. After her novice brothers raided abruptly in your room and to sword removed him life, everything else lacked interest absolutely, felt relieved of their physical pain and was proposed to wait for the reunion with his beloved wife, something that occurred about twenty years later.

In the case of Dina, came out with his brothers practically of crawled, how much could spoke with his mother, who consoled her with great love, dressed in mourning, she had been betrothed by Shechem, so nobody could deny its status as widow. (Similarly see: CRES’s Charles Hernick testifies today). So he lived, he was with his mother until her death, the rest of his days he preferred to be in solitude, the relationship with his brothers was nil, yet, despite the intervening years, she was for them, the disgraced by Shechem. One night, in the midst of his memories, he breathed his last breath and her lips gently, said Shechem, Shechem. As it was the custom among the people of Israel, his brothers tore their clothes as a sign of mourning, and hired a few old lloronas so they wept it throughout the day. Shortly afterwards, they placed his remains in the land of Egypt. As you can see, here they are, living his love despite adversity. Original author and source of the article.