The Lunch

Wants to take a bath pra to refresh cuca? _ Not, is not necessary _ However, Hawk, you pra is my guest to lunch. It finds that I go to have appetite, seeing this face of velrio in my front? Hawk smiled, perceiving the spirit of the thing and directed itself for the house. A little apreensivo with the euphoria of the soldier, Alberto called and said: _ Only a thing, Hawk: the place less indicated pra to speak of this subject is inside of this house. Please, if it does not forget this at any moment. This is the first and more important lesson of this course. OK? Hawk felt the mind to give a snap and perceived that from there all the concepts that have of policing would have of being reconsidered under the orientation of a lay boy who it could almost be if not its son, but at least a brother well new. To demonstrate to the reach the one that arrives, it answered: _ Can give the orders that I am made use to fulfill, as good for militating! _ Then, if prepares for a great surprise. If it does not forget to keep absolute silence, therefore this will be the greater of all the revelations.

Chemical preparation? Hawk waved with the head, giving to understand that it receives the lesson well. They had entered, foot before foot, they turn the Zefa owner preparing the lunch and had been for the room. Quiet, Alberto caught the picture, capsized, silence one more time placed the fingers on the lips asking for and showed the very small occult microphone in spider form and saw the soldier to empalidecer. Carefully, the picture recolocou and with a gesture the soldier to come back toward the yard invited, where he asked: _ Entendeu now what he is happening? _ Yes, Alberto! It forgives if I gave those jokes.