The Main Dialects Of Arabic In Egypt

Egypt. Only in the pronunciation of the word soul freezes in anticipation of something mysterious, unprecedented and unknown. And though to go to Egypt today, perhaps easier than on the coast of the Crimea. To know more about this subject visit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Even after returning from there, we did not feeling that something you have not seen, not heard. That Egypt has remained a mystery for you. Is it only in the ancient history of Pharaonic times for us to puzzle and mystery? The story, which is inextricably linked with the emergence of astronomy, mathematics, construction of such monumental structures as the pyramids, which became one of the wonders of the world. A country that has made a fundamental milestone in the history of mankind, was also the bearer of the language that owes much to this country. Arabic. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine can provide more clarity in the matter.

The story of its origin, formation and development. Let's talk about the main dialects of Arabic in Egypt. The whole territory of Egypt is divided into Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. Therefore in the Arab republic, there are two main dialects of Arabic – is verhneegipetsky nizhneegipetsky and dialects. A total of five dialects: saidsky, ahmimsky, subahmimsky, Fayum and boheysky. Saidsky is the main dialect of Upper Egypt, ahmimsky – verhneegipetsky dialect, mostly in Ahmim, or subahmimsky asiudsky also verhneegipetsky, Fayum – a dialect of Middle Egypt, formerly called bashmurskim, and finally boheyrsky – dialect of Lower Egypt, formerly known as memfiyskim. The largest differences are observed between nizhneegipetskim boheyrskim dialect and verhneegipetskimi dialects. It turns out that basically only two national languages.