The Reason Of My Happiness.

My happiness definitively is you, will be that you also find this? You are that one that without even is to its side, only when seeing a smile its makes, me satisfied you make, me happy. He knows, to the times when I have nightmares, I bind, I do not say nothing to you, I am you listening to alone, makes me to this to lose the fear to try to sleep again. But when you are been silent, I find that my entire world is in silences. Only when listening its breath through the cellular one, already me comes back my peace. I write thousand and thousand of messages that to send I try you, plus my pride does not leave, all is recorded in rough drafts, messages declaring all my love for you. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. Of night when I lie down myself, I read all, and I shrink myself in the bed, and I am thinking how much love I you. Gravy all my meaningless pillow of tears, tears spilled.

To only imagine you, my palpita heart, I lose air, I lose the breath. Love I you! I love truily you, never doubts this, therefore for you I would leave everything of side and I would follow to your side, for you I would move worlds and skies. I wanted to know what he transfers himself for its head, if I am love, equal true love what I feel for you. is this? my happiness is with you. Love I you?