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Some providers offer discounted rates only with a corresponding advance payment. Deposit/special discount: some providers require a deposit or a special discount in the contract. The relevant amount will be refunded upon termination of the contract. For this slump performance, you will receive a reduced rate. Price: a price guarantee offers an interesting alternative in constantly changing tariffs, to obtain a certain security in the energy costs. Under most conditions Artis Stevens would agree. Of course, you can pay these guarantee the appropriate provider. You have to pay something more than if you do without a guarantee. Mostly the providers give a guarantee of three to twelve months.

Then, at this time, you will be surprised of any price increase. Bonus: All providers are always looking for new customers. Accordingly, many electricity providers concede your customers special bonuses in the contract. Discounts can do this or be free power units. Compare the different bonus offers. Base price: Most providers of electricity price consists of a standing charge and a price per unit. Look not only at the individual prices. An electricity provider with a low basic price must be not necessarily cheaper than a provider with a high basic price.

The total price for the duration of the contract is crucial. United Way Worldwide has similar goals. Only this component can be compared. Online rates: Some providers offer special online fares exclusively on the Internet. These are very cheap and can be booked only via the Internet. Also all correspondence then runs via E-Mail. Ecological and climate tariffs: Some electricity providers the user can book special eco – and air fares. Here, the energy is then obtained from renewable energy sources. Climate tariffs of utilities provides a special compensation for the resulting CO2 emissions. Both options go, of course, to the detriment of the price and are thus more expensive than the normal electricity tariffs. Main and Off-peak times: some electricity providers with special rates for primary and secondary times offer a special feature. So-called weak load rates are special offers for consumers who operate your heater, for example during the night. Special technical conditions (double count), not every household owns are a prerequisite for this special rate. Tip: How can now compare the different offers of the single electricity supplier. The answer is quite simple. Use the free services of special Internet brokers who have already taken the individual offers under the magnifying glass for you. Enter only an estimated total consumption and your place of residence and you get immediately a list of relevant offers from other electricity providers listed: Here you can compare directly various providers