The Rivers

It feels as it is small. Thus it was the world, small. It will grow as well as the world if she also expanded; in it they will grow for, as well as trees vicejaram in the land; they will come, with the time, rugas to furrow it, in the same way as the rivers had furrowed plains long ago droughts. everything this so that? To give to the men the food and the water. This hand will fenecer, as well as the plants will die and will evaporate waters. But new hands will come, in a similar way as always the species are renewed and rain always fulls the sources. everything this is only possible for the hands of a Creator.

A Creator who conceives and takes care of, until its creation can be remained and be renewed. You do not put term your life! – What! Who are you? How you know what it is transferred for my mind? The passer-by was assaz espavorido. The negror that locked its vision sharpened its still more already transtornado state of spirit. Not wise person why but, much even so felt a inquietante will to disappear incontinenti of that corridor and to follow its way route to the perpetual desventura, something seemed to grudar it that moment, as the magic is only capable. The hand held that it would not be capable withholds it? it thought – however, it was to the passer-by impossible to desvencilhar itself of it, was ungida by the inabalvel mstica force of the surreais things. He was something as in dreams, when we are incapable sliding for seeming that our feet levitam to few centimeters of soil, becoming us incapable of the escape for land, but also inapt to alar flight. The voice continued: – In case that the Creator abandoned its creation before it, by itself, he could be renewed, the trees and the rivers would be died e, for consequence, would be also died the men.