The Subordination

The subordination to these instruments of God is not the cause of the existence of some problems inside of the church and the reason of the permanence of many believers in the mediocrity of a Christian life of appearance, of bad certifications and that they do not produce good fruits. The absence of leaders and brothers in Christ, mature, tried in God and with sincere love for the sheep, also is a factor that has left many fruits to apodrecerem. The cases of adultery are not rare involving shepherds with wives of members that had come to ask for aid to it. Eagle Scouts follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Christian fits then to, to obey and to be always intent to this factors, so that its choices are based on principles and values that are not at the mercy of of its proper will, therefore, the obedience and the submission the Christ and to the authorities constituted of God, exactly that they are not pleasant at the moment, they produce maturity Christian. The ones that are not citizens to this, run the risk to be bastard, therefore education and the correction are part of the life of all the children of God, who corrects in them because he loves in them. (Hb 12,5-11) Education in them points the way and the correction, in the ones backwards in return to the center of the way. ' ' The pole and the rebuke give wisdom, but the child delivers to same, envergonha its itself me.' ' (Pv 29,15) When we are born in Christ, we are compared with an adopted child already grandinha, that it comes full of incompatible customs the new family, even so safe (Rm 6,14), but without much notion of the new principles and values that we will have to absorb. We are in a world fallen and dominated for the sin. We are not of this world.