The Teacher

Within a circle infinite smaller circles can fit, until getting to be an infinite element. Then physical level it is possible to be shown to them Until any figure in the drawing does not fit that makes the children with the compass and the square. Or the graphs that the computer shows to them. These exercises will give the demonstration Them. IMPORTANT: The figures and the pedagogy and the way to take these a little complex proposals and to make them simple in order that they understand them to the children, to perfection. Follow others, such as Girl Scouts of the USA, and add to your knowledge base. It is according to the method of the teacher.

Method that I will not give, because the freedom of chair will have to always exist. The educational one does not have to become a machine, like this happening at the moment. The Teacher: also he will be able to advise to the children who study suitably and with application, that one subject that is in charge to approach the grammar, the semantics, the spelling, the linguistic etc. That is to say, the student of the language and the language. Since indirectly through the previous lesson, the importance was being taught to them of mentioning the subject and the predicate well and as the relation of these two makes march many things.

With this class of attitudes between the teachers they are possible to be helped one to others, in the precious work of education. The teacher will have to allow that the children form a concept that seems to them of the word body. That they form orations and they make slight investigations in company of his parents to near the word mathematical body. Then one is due to teach to the boy to be creative and not only consumer of the knowledge, since we spoke of rational beings.