The Trip

Standard day intake for an adult is about 2000 Kcal. At this rate hikes may increase 3000 kcal. The weight of products on one day is about 800 grams. Do not buy products in glass packaging (stew), she heavy and quite fragile. All cereals preferably repack in plastic bottle, which, before it should be well dried. One-time rate of consumption of some food for one person are: millet cereals – 70 g; buckwheat, rice and pasta – 80 g; semolina grains – 50 g oatmeal – 60 g; sausage – 50 g sugar – 25 g; canned meat – 70 grams, bread – 35 g; tea – 5 g. In addition to main meals there are a "grass" food (eating while driving). It includes: raisins, dried apricots, caramels, chocolate bars, etc.

This energy products, which increase stamina and to some extent satisfy hunger. Products are desirable to procure centrally. If the route will meet settlements, it is possible to buy products with this in mind (such as bread and sugar can not buy). Final preparation for the trip Once all the items and equipment assembled, you need to break to pack a backpack. First thing is packaged in a sealed package all products (sugar and grains – in plastic bottles), clothing and sleeping bag. Remember that the focus should be placed between the shoulder blades (closer to the back), it is much easier for you movement on the route. At the bottom of the backpack should put a sleeping bag and clothes, above – food, well, from the very top – the most popular things (hat, rain gear, etc.).