The Value Of Believing In Oneself

To develop others and lead them to a genuine compromise, the first thing that is essential is first believing in oneself. It is moreover astonishing the full awareness that have the value of things – a car, a House, a shelter, and so on-, but it is that we do not know the value of the maximum property, which is the value of self. Unfortunately, we are always blaming us our defects and deficiencies, and yearn for all those qualities that we do not possess, which is reflected in all fields of our life. We wish the House which we don’t have, the car that do not possess, the money that we don’t have, the woman, the child, family, and so on, and we must learn to love what you have. A man without defects would be an angel and without qualities would be a monster. Frequently Professor of Internet Governance has said that publicly. All human beings are an amalgam of strengths and weaknesses, and usually full potential involves a weakness in itself: for example, the highly sensitive person has the potential to perceive their environment more easily than others, but her intense experience can make you suffer more intensely. Artist who enjoys carrying the canvas what perceives in masterful form, possibly his desire to achieve perfection or its highest artistic expression routed to a permanent search and relentless a lifetime, eroding it prematurely; so therefore cannot be divided human beings in a system so simplistic qualities and defects; You should be aware of the qualities that. Then enlisting us in declarative form some qualities; point those that consider owns you: asset GENTIL AFFABLE funny agile skilled ALEGRE honored friendly intelligent appearance nice JOVIAL bold just balanced SINCERE SCHOLAR SOCIABLE FAITHFUL worker strong brave generous TRUTHFUL kindly LEAL bright leader good taste moderate good HUMOR observer charitable ordered COLLABORATOR organized comprehensive patient constant PERCEPTIVE controlled PERSEVERING CONVERSATIONALIST PULCHER COOPERATOR EMPATHETIC helpful ENTHUSIAST SYMPATHETIC PUNCTUAL creative reasonable JIBREEL straight dedicated eco-retailer responsible for right-HANDED healthy worthy INSURANCE of if same leader sensible disciplined sensitive discreet sensitive ELEGANT SERENE serious very convenient enrich this analysis with the view of others, asking especially those people with which we have lived for a long period; they will give us valuable information of the second johari window.