Through Justice

Then, we can arrive the God for many ways, for example: Through the verb To love that it assigns the function to feel love for, to have affection, to want well etc. We are unanimous in saying that God the manifest Creative The holy ghost through the love and when we love our fellow creature we are revealing God through our soul and who to receive this love will be ' ' vendo' ' God through our acts, therefore in the soul of this person since its origin in God, this codified and ' ' gravado' ' that God is love and loves its creatures and its creation, and as we were made (generated) the image and the similarity of God, we are the extension of Its love the holy ghost stops with everything and as all, therefore God loves indistinctly and thus we also can manifest-Lo through all the other virtuous directions and can manifest-Lo through the Love, of the Faith, the Knowledge, Justice, the Law, the Evolution and the Life. Through the love, therefore only loving my fellow creature and the creation, I will be revealing God in mine I summon. Through the faith, therefore believing and trusting my fellow creature I will only be revealing the Father in mine I summon. Through the knowledge, therefore knowing the soul of my fellow creature I will only be understanding its nature summons and its form to express God through its belief. Through Justice, therefore using the reason I will only understand what it takes my fellow creature to act at certain moments as if was not my brother and using of the light of the reason to remove it to it sales of the eyes hinder that it to enxergar me as a fellow creature. Through the law, therefore only living deeply the virtues (God) of commanded form, I will establish limits in my actions and will act with prudence in the harmonious convivncia with my fellow creatures.