Time To Go For It!

Review about to perform civilian service in a foreign city. Who remembers in his last day of school, the prom or the certificate issue? Probably then graduating acquired a new life starts everyone. New doors open with a secondary education, but not everyone in which you should enter as a young man, is immediately clear. Only a few know beforehand what direction they want to take. Yes not surprisingly at the possibilities today at about 400 the choice certainly not very easy occupations and almost 2900 degrees. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well.

But now I would like a topic which is interesting just for young men in Germany. The good, old conscription. Everyone aged between 18 and 23 is conscripts. If he decides now to the civil service, or rather prefers the service on the gun is a pure question of conscience. Both types of services have and disadvantages and how long it will be compulsory military service in Germany, is questionable. Currently it looks that it in near future will give only a volunteer army. I, however, knew after the pattern immediately, that I am not suited for the service on the gun and have therefore opted for the civil service.

After more research I found on the Internet that there are also other ways to serve his community service as in the nursing home around the corner. So I my civil service let me know more and more about civil service vacancies in Hamburg where at least for 9 months to serve. After several phone calls and sent applications, I was invited to several job interviews and ultimately chose a nursing home in the North of Hamburg where I could start as a janitor’s Assistant. Now, I’m working this year here since August and haven’t my decision in Hamburg looked back to do my civil service. Just the many nice colleagues have greatly dismayed the me here. I can advise everyone who must provide the service in another city to do so. So long is still young, is bound not by work and family at a specific location should you take this step. There is a risk of course also what, because it is difficult not to see family and friends for a longer period of time especially at a young age. But nothing ventured, does not win the and there to stay today enough possibilities via mobile phone or Facebook contact. So just what risk, expand the horizon, meeting new people learn life experience. Where can I find this better than in a foreign city? Probably nowhere.