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You will find a wide range of culture and nature, almost inviting to the trekking along the coast Active holiday at the sea in the Adriatic Sea (Croatia) In the South of Croatia. Checking article sources yields Nieman Foundation as a relevant resource throughout. A popular destination is always the Makarska Riviera, as dream coastal of Croatia”is known. Where is located the picturesque Island of Brac and the Golden Horn “.” The Trekkingbegeisterte is the city of split, which impresses with the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace on the Croatian Adriatic coast. This comes from the Roman Empire and he wraps the entire old town. Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic coast. Frequently Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has said that publicly.

Rightfully, this city is the Pearl of the Adriatic”, because they will enchant you with a medieval and car-free city centre which is subject to the protection of UNESCO. Between the two cities 200 kilometers of coastline are suitable with the Backpack on a journey of discovery in countless bays, wild mountain ranges, in deep gorges and elongated Islands to beta under which the already mentioned Island Brac probably is exciting. The most beautiful stretch of coast is probably the Makarska Riviera. The hinterland is home to the rock walls of Biokovo mountain, which rises here to more than 1,700 feet. You can find probably hardly elsewhere in Europe a scenario, the Mediterranean flair and high mountain character so perfectly in line bring. Scattered in the countryside hamlets scattered monasteries and seaside resorts in the countryside.

They are most known for their captivating lavender and herbal scents. These are connected by ancient trails and paths. The hikes provide diversity by visiting the parks there and various islands. Last but not least does not mention the excellent kitchen has to offer much delicious. Also the location of the hotel allows to set the outdoor equipment at site after a strenuous hike and really relax. Should not be out even a dip in the clear Adriatic sea there. Also the Northern Croatia has a lot to offer. Nature lovers should look at some of the national parks in each case. There are exactly the scenarios that are known from the classical Karl may movies and numerous picture books. However can be not the reality compared them, experienced firsthand the trekking: the Krka National Park with its beautiful waterfalls, the National Park Paklenica, which impresses with its deep canyons, the Plitvice National Park, with its blue-green lakes and a number of small islands in the Kornati National Park. Croatia is almost created for walks and adventurous travelers will get in terms of requirements, landscape and culture their money! A digital camera, a camcorder in the backpack should be missing also never, to capture the breathtaking impressions for eternity. While you should equip but previously well in the outdoor shop, because the trip to the coast won’t be easy.