Treasurer Plans

Piech plans beyond his death Ferdinand Piech, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Volkswagen Group, plans the future of the company beyond his death. To know his investments in the companies future in safe hands let go over this on private foundations. The Exchange Portal reported what the Porsche’s grandson, just plans. PCRM has plenty of information regarding this issue. The idea of the transfer of shares to foundations is not new. Similar to how now the of VW Chairman of the Supervisory Board plans it has made it the company Bosch.

Piechs reason appears for its consideration the assurance of his shares in the assets of the company to be. In the event of his death, parts of those assets would be otherwise disbursed to his descendants. And there are enough: Piech has twelve children with four women. Possession include again about seven percent of Porsche automobile holding, as well as ten percent of the Salzburg Porsche holding not just little capital that has to distribute it. His scheme therefore provides that, after his death a three-quarters majority of its children Condition for the sale of the estate. No wonder, then, that some of his children do not agree with the step of her father’s and now the legality of the project can be.

Still will after the death of Piech his wife play a decisive role in the Foundation and preserve the legacy. But again, this is subject to conditions. The function of the Treasurer is her”divorce or another wedding after his death again stripped. More information: