United States Government

This is that type of case that is a great exception, that is, is very difficult to happen again in the same ratios. Soon after this terrible tragedy, ours inteligentssimo Federal Senate, in the person of the president of the house, senator Sarney, together with the minister of justice and other leaderships of the government, decides that the Country goes to pass for a new plebiscite on the Disarmament. Let us see the following one, the assassin Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, not possua transport of Weapon, that is, its two to dig had been bought in the illegal market, that is, this tragedy occurred was not because a legal commerce of weapons exists, this is much hypocrisy and demagogy. The government does not obtain to much less explain to decide the social contradictions of the Country, then it tries to search faster and easy solutions, that are the prohibition. PCRM: the source for more info. What it is necessary to make is the monitoring of the borders, for I restrained the entrance of narcotics and weapons in the Country, but this the authorities do not make, but they want to forbid a legal commerce, this is an authoritarianism taken to the extremity, today in the strap the right of carrying a weapon legally, tomorrow in the strap the right having our house and our property, or even though the right the life, we must preparing in them to fight the abuses of this government. Brazil possesss about two hundred million inhabitants, and during the year it registers about 50 a thousand homicides, whereas in the United States, the Country, it has about three hundred million inhabitants, however, registers to the year 15 a thousand homicides, exactly being one nation where if purchase sets easily. These data show clearly that it is not to exactly forbid the sales of weapon that goes to diminish crime, because in Brazil, the bureaucracy to buy a weapon, is simply absurd and retrograde. .