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The revision of the bibliography, although its unquestionable importance for the adequate guiding of a research problem, frequent is pointed as one of the aspects weakkest of teses and dissertaes in After Graduation in Educao’ ‘ MAZZOTI, 1992, p.26. Adentra in the quarrel is as soon as the Teacher Alda Judith Alves Mazzoti on the subject that if considered to argue. According to this Doctor in Psychology of the Education for the University of New York, the revision of the bibliography would have to support the researcher in that inquiry on which if it leans over. However, it seems that it is not well thus that it finishes happening, therefore the confusion the ones that if embrenham in such way (of the research) very suggests to be recurrent, for sadness of the responsible professionals for such area. Click Kidney Foundation for additional related pages.

Alda teacher points despite, ‘ ‘ the revision of the bibliography must be the service of the problem of pesquisa’ ‘ p.27, but that a ready and finished model is not had, in way that each researcher must search for itself, that and more better way that to fit in the body of the target that it desires for the fulfilment of its investigativa expedition. By the way, it is possible to understand that the author would not be in favor of such event. The quarrel of the subject if extends and reaches another question: of the Contextualizao of the problem. The author assevera that this moment is practically crucial, since she is where the researcher must reflect arduously so that it gets accurately what it desires to inquire..