Tourism in Mendoza, with varieties for all tastes tourism in Mendoza is one of the activities that historically has enjoyed greater support from provincial governments. The reason is obvious, Mendoza has the ideal combination of factors that make tourism in Mendoza is an economic activity with a high level of development, and a lot of advances in infrastructure in terms of installations and works in the private sector. The natural landscape of Cuyo is one of the most subjugating the world. Seeing the Sun stand behind the mythical mountain range of the Andes, with their beaks that they seem to scratch the clouds, and that pristine air, which seems to us a little more closer to divinity, are images that no one should miss, if you have the chance to see him. Tourism in Mendoza offers a wide palette of possibilities, is an ideal destination to go with family, especially if they all have different tastes. The province extends to mountain climbing and hiking activities for forests. It also provides for excursions to the most major wineries in the country. It is an ideal output for lovers of good wine, those who can appreciate the elaboration process of the fine wines that adorn the international wine industry.

Learn the secrets of the development of the Argentine varietal winners multi, while you enjoy the most outstanding products of export. Tourism in Mendoza City also presents options rather than interesting. The historic centre is a real journey in time, which puts us in the colony before independence. Its cobbled streets, and its restored buildings seem to be taken from a postcard of era, where only missing la vendedora de tamales, or the Lamplighter. It is also possible to visit museums where you can appreciate objects from the time of the Jose of San Martin, and the grenadiers, and evoke the feat of crossing the Andes to lomo de burro. But to make your experience of tourism in Mendoza full, nothing better than staying in a hotel of superior category. The Diplomatic Park Suites is the choice of luxury when it comes to sightseeing in Mendoza.

Be carried away by an establishment that is at the height of world’s best hotels. Its staff guarantee an experience of total satisfaction, because the basic concept that inspires the actions of the Diplomatic Hotel is total quality in the passenger service. Tourism in Mendoza now has an option of level five stars, which adorns the local hotel plaza.