View Protection Construction

Construction of the dialysis Center with flush glass by GLASTEC Stephen churches, July 2011 – the General Hospital is a major pillar of the medical care in Vienna. Each year over a million are treated. After intensive planning, a structurally attractive dialysis Center with new treatment places available is now at the General Hospital. Flush and modern frameless glass architecture offers the patients and patients a treatment in bright, friendly and quiet atmosphere. More comfort, hygiene and safety with flush glass the inner glazing of patient and observation areas must be not only visually appealing, but also as safe, hygienic and comfortable.

These requirements have been optimally implemented with the multifunctional glass-module system Planline Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH. Planline: The Planline perspective window has been as flush glazing, without visible borders, without visible screw to wall thickness of 150 mm with enamel technical values and realization in RAL 9010 pure white executed. The 14 piece glass elements with the dimensions (w x h) 2500 x 850 mm with internal blinds ISO-shadow and integrated fire protection glass Pyranova S2 30.0. The installation was carried Heather Bauer & Blaha GmbH, Wiener Neudorf metal construction company, which were commissioned by the renowned architectural firm of Moser, Vienna. Much more than elegant optics in hospitals is flush professional, microscopic cleanliness in the first place, because it is vital! By resistant germs and bacteria, it is to prevent infections.

Flush is therefore not only look beautiful. Without edges”also means that risk of injury are excluded and dirt can easily be omitted. ISO-shadow the agile blind between the panes of the perfect complement to Planline is the blind between the panes. This ensures privacy when needed! Electrically operated blinds can be easily controlled. Installed permanently in the insulating glass, the shutter is maintenance-free and remains always clean. Pollution, destruction, or damage may not be. Fire protection glazing with approval ACC. to oNORM EN 357 froths in the event of a fire the fire protection glass arranged in between the panes with 30 minutes fire resistance, that is after the glass gel composite technology, and forms a protective layer. The Planline counteracts EI30 glazing (compliance certificate No. 14.2.1 11-11344) the spread of fire, heat, smoke and thermal radiation, thereby ensured the safe evacuation of persons and assets. Target successfully achieved at the General Hospital are patients at the Center. New treatment rooms, dialysis patients can be better supplied and handled. The Planline clear view window is the optimal solution for a flush glass system in the drywall. Optically and technically it has fulfilled all requirements of modern glass architecture.