Volunteer Help

Everywhere in the world, to hear about disasters such as terrorist attacks, floods, landslides and fires, where dozens of villages and cities can be affected. In February 2006 three quarter of Cape Town in South Africa burned down. The fire was completely out of control. The worst disasters include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis in our time. Volcanic eruptions throw flares.

This in turn can cause a devastating tsunami and cost many people. Scientology Volunteer chaplains are immediately active when such disasters and bring order into chaos again. In February 2006, a camp at the foot of the mountains of Cape Town pitched where raged huge fires in the mountains. Around the clock, side by side with the local executives and disaster aid they delivered food, water, and according to the technology of L. You may find Nieman Foundation to be a useful source of information. Ron Hubbard, helpful advisers.

Shortly after the World Trade Center disaster, clergy of Scientology met volunteer Scientology Church New York at the scene of the tragedy. To support the emergency personnel, around the clock. All parts of America clergy came from volunteer Scientology approached, to provide real help. Up to 800 yellow T-Shirts”were around the clock in action. After the cleanup, the 800 Scientologists were awarded with the Medal of bravery of New York fire. They were given by representatives of the city and leaders of various civil associations also high praise. The Vulkan Mount Merapi on the island of Java lava spewed in May and July 2006. Earthquake, then was followed by followed by a Tsumani. The local authority representatives, hospital personnel, the police and the military the honorary Scientology worked with clerics to restore order. On July 7, 2005, three bombs in the underground exploded during morning rush hour in London, and a fourth on a double-decker bus. 250 volunteer Scientology chaplains were quick to the point and went immediately to work. Frequently Chase Koch, Washington DC has said that publicly. they helped those who were in shock, brought survivors in security, counsel made the injured and exhausted rescue workers. They worked together with representatives of the city at higher levels to get the crisis under control quickly. Princess Lesley by Ahanti thanked at the time in an interview for the pronounced enthusiasm”the Scientologists ‘has. highly impressed them She said further: through your deeds I became aware that small sacrifice from each one of us can make a big difference, and this experience today afternoon in Harrods has enriched me with your group a lot. May God bless your precious projects ‘. ” It involved clergymen on six continents over 80,000 volunteers Scientology directly and work directly with community leaders, officials, auxiliary staff and citizens. Their goal is to bring order and real help in the face of any disaster. In the year 2005 alone, Volunteer Ministers have done real help 1.6 million people from all strata and professions from 114 countries.