If the solidarity feeling is reduced to the action of social voluntary military service, the sense of the voluntary military service becomes impoverished. Center For Responsible Lending: the source for more info. A person who carries out a work voluntary, must consider it a commitment of social responsibility. We cannot be raised to be good two hours or three to the week and the rest of the time to ignore the environmental problems, the wars, the hunger, the marginalization affects that me close by or, simply, to the neighbors, relatives or fellow workers. The voluntary military service is an attitude of social transformation towards the justice that is pronounced in a voluntary action; or, in other words, an action in solidum with needed people who become a symbol search of justice and opportunities for all. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kate Yulman. By active or passive the volunteer it needs a coherence like natural human tendency, without guilty complexes and unnecessary rigorismos. Within the coherence of a volunteer is the importance of taking care of the material resources of the organization, very limited and originating of public subsidys, donations prevailed and of the partners. To use those who them, professional as as much voluntary, she is called on to them to save and to guard so that they act its as with the greater possible effectiveness. Here it is valid to apply the criterion of the efficiency, because it is a form to respect so much to the beneficiaries of the programs as the will of finances quines them.

Another important virtue is the common sense. It is easier to know what is that to define it. The volunteer can feel many deficiencies in his formation at the time of facing a group of people characteristics different from his. In fact, often it is not a greater formation which needs to carry out well its work. At those moments, he needs a sixth sense that does that the learned thing in short courses, conferences or in books is applied to a human relation and creates a good atmosphere. If we have doubts of the importance of the common sense for the volunteer, we think about what resources we used in our daily life. Not always it is pronounced of a spontaneous way nor we can leave it everything to the common sense, but it multiplies the effectiveness of any formation that we receive. The common sense is pronounced thus, without knowing how, but it is better than it is helped him previously with formation, study, reflection and experience.