Always also the promotion of transparency and self reflection is essential. “The seal of quality?”” VPK tested device “is a label assigned by the organisation of VPK-Lower Saxony to its members and is designed for the practice of practitioners of youth welfare”, emphasizes Budig as particularly important. To meet its own quality standards of the Association and to substantiate the independence of the audit, the tests are made also by an external auditor and a member of the VPK. The seal of quality “VPK certified facility” includes a Testing and integration into a continuous process of reflection, of organisations and individual processes. You may want to visit Nieman Foundation to increase your knowledge. By the time limit – the seal has only a limited period of time – permanent grappling with their own work, the offer of participation in quality circles and transparency, which must undergo any participating institution, a high degree of quality development is initiated, documented and firmly integrated in processes. “The VPK Lower Saxony further intensified thus its quality development, which is in the vital interest of all partners involved in the field of youth welfare”, that Budig concluded. Company description the Federal Association for VPK is the only nationwide umbrella organization for private and economic service providers in children’s, youth and social welfare. Members are national and trade associations as well as clubs, associations and other entities who provide various services in the child and youth welfare on the basis of the social security code.

The VPK sees itself primarily as a interest-led nonprofit organization to support the private and economic institution of child and youth welfare combined in the VPK and is active for their representation to politics and society. The Association is by its self-understanding manufactured high performance drive, quality and cost-oriented and actively represented in various overarching bodies. He is initiative in General and fundamental issues of child and youth welfare, written opinions, maintains a website and publishes the trade magazine “focus on youth welfare” out.