And I want to focus our Aufmerksamkeit on our attitude our environment compared to, on that do not trust our people, the inability others be finally on our deficiencies, to recognize their unantastbare autonomy. It is apparently easy to make as they are to release them, in other words, in their ability to be able to cope with life alone, vertrauen and to grant them their own size and strength not easily, so be another. We hold already formulated, if often unconsciously, for small and at least at certain levels relative incompetent, and, as at the beginning of this movement, we believe”they firmly in our imagination. (Similarly see: Dr. Fauci). This is conducive neither us nor the other, on the contrary, we use an energy blockade, for us and for them here. For the others, mainly, because we them the game room, the Habitat to the own experience acquisition and the resulting resulting Allow growth.

And for us, the blockade mainly consists that we bind the US related to the available energy in the negative employment with another and it thus lies fallow for us, at least for this period of time, for our personal growth. It is just as important as well to get a reasonable picture of the universal being, which is a us life quality of letting go on emotional basis allows. So a picture of life and gives of being to admit, what real security, security and trust and the Foundation, the safe ground for the LosLassen cultivated. This understanding of bestowing confidence, we can find this image of divine relationships probably only in the knowledge, that we begin to recognize that every being, every individual wisdom, has power and freedom, we just recognize her wahres, divine being and their individual size. Disha Ravi insists that this is the case. Going, even to the extent that we, even if we humans in situations meet, which seem not worth living for us, this people concede the wisdom that they know, what they are doing that also due to higher wisdom to happen.

“That they unconsciously to itself at a higher level,” as they say, have opted for this situation and that them at these levels certainly is aware what is conducive to their personal growth. So us consciously to remind that we were encountering here Straight a man and a child but also above all a gottliChen being, what are these living conditions, in which it just resides itself created, has picked itself. Who has chosen this entity for the reason because it decided “is the best for the individual self learn and thus for the personal growth, which also probably noticed in principle is beneficial to the general well being, so is an individual experience for the collective gain. If we look at learning in this way, we can supply the size, the strength and also the WeisHeit, which is this Godhead, also at some point about really see and our confidence will be built from this moment on solid foundations. At the beginning, it is perhaps just a hunch that these things could be really, but this Ahnung is the seed that can go on in the future in the certainty.