Wedding is one of the events most important that they might occur in a person’s life, so this must be adapted to personal tastes, aspect that makes many people opt for the realization of a civil wedding, instead of a traditional wedding in the Church. Learn more about this with Center For Responsible Lending. So if you have chosen a civil wedding, it is best to know everything that suggests this type of weddings and the elements that constitute it, to make this something special ceremony in life, thanks to a realization to perfection without leaving anything to chance. Between the points that must be taken into account for the execution of a civil wedding, highlights the need for a suitable person to make the Union it is valid, i.e. before the civil weddings must go before notaries or before a judge, who has the function of performing weddings and all the paperwork laws that generate this type of ceremonies, due to the link legal that it is generated. Because of the previous point, has been linked much conducting a civil wedding in the courts and in the notary, since there are reported and is processed the information necessary for marriage is totally valid, to be able to submit all documents in the civil register. hutdown/’>Harold Ford Jr.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the courts and the notaries are not the only places in which a civil wedding, can celebrate because a judge can ask to go to a particular place for the realization of the wedding, so the civil wedding can be in place of higher liking for the couple, is a room, a center of meetings, on a farm, in the end, the possibility of the assistance of a judge at various sites gives way to many possibilities. In what refers to the formalities that must accompany a civil wedding, as mentioned before should be present marriage certificate, which is diligently after hearing a few words from the judge referring to the legal regulation of marriage and what this implies, so that the spouses have a better idea on what supposed marriage; After what the judge said the bride and groom must sign the registry, also must have also with the company of at least of 2 witnesses, who must also sign. The normal development of a civil wedding is given in the following manner: as a first point is the arrival of the bride and groom to the place where celebrates the wedding along with his companions. Then reads a double act, which highlights the duties and rights of the spouses. Upon completion of the above, the judge asked both to accept the marriage, in case of acceptance by both, declares the union in marriage. As next Act is signed the act as the spouses and witnesses, thus completed the correct way is given the couple a document that certifies the marriage.