Energy Survey

Good effect can be achieved through setting up of HVAC systems. Of course Organization of energy audits in buildings with large areas is difficult and requires an integrated approach. Integrated approach to energy audit for more effective implementation of energy saving opportunities in buildings with large area, businesses and industries, as well as to reduce the risk recommend a comprehensive approach, which offers a wide range of activities, maximum savings, and includes a review of the whole energoptreblyayuschego equipment. With this approach, using a methodical collection of data, which greatly simplifies the task of the experts and you can find, and subsequently put into practice, without difficulties optimally suited solution. Complex analysis and modeling to help identify unusual expenses and loss of energy. During the calculations, it is necessary to focus on the balance between the actual values consumption and energy consumption of production systems engineering or building and settlement. It is also necessary to consider features outdoor climate. In addition, the selection of energy conservation measures needed to calculate their interaction.

Each building must be regarded as unique – it will help to identify individual opportunities to improve energy efficiency of the facility and found abnormalities in its operation. Complex energy audit of facilities in addition to the analysis of all energy consumption should include improvement of maintenance of the building and during its operation, perhaps teaching people. When carrying out a comprehensive energy audit should focus not only on the energy conservation equipment, but also to the formation of his best work in accordance with the required load. Its own characteristics and organization has Energy audit electrical networks, energy audit objects utilities, energy audit business, but for all of these areas will be most effective for comprehensive energy audit. The cost of energy audits Energy audit rates for determining the value of the energy audit (Energy Survey), requires pre-departure of experts on the enterprise, to determine the scope of work for an energy audit, and conduct meetings with management and staff of the subject company to discuss the timing of the energy audit. A comprehensive energy audit – this is a great and laborious work. He carried a team of specialists has in his composed of engineers, electricians, heating equipment, instrumentation and economists, specially trained and have practical experience and with skills to work with special instruments. Therefore, the qualification Professional and complete instrumentation of the park, energy auditing organization also depends on the cost of energy audits.

Qualified energoauditory ready to solve most problems, which are put before them, always warn the customer about his doubts in achieving the efficiency of a decision. The basis for determining the cost of energy audits are estimates, projects, and the choice of methods for the energy survey. Methods established by experts of the audit organization, independently, the main thing that has been provided fully reflected in the auditor's evaluation information: – use of energy efficiency – efficiency Work equipment – the state accounting and reporting ERT use – analysis of the costs for fuel and energy supply. Thus, the cost of energy audit includes, execution of works: – Survey companies to identify potential reserves of fuel and energy resources – for the construction of energy Object ID – to project appraisal of the production system – the rational and energy-efficient use of energy resources, with appropriate recommendations.