Fernando Alexis Jimnez

” Then the neighbors, and those that before had seen him that he was blind, said; Is not this one the one that it sat down and it begged? They said: It is; and others: Like him it looks oneself. He said: I soy” (versicles 8 and 9). It is probable that the circumstances that cross cannot explain them, nevertheless if in center same you of the will of God, will find that the apparent difficulty can be constituted in blessing instrument. Everything has an intention the apostle Pablo explained that all whatever occurs, if we are in the ways of God, has an intention in the plans of the Highest one. He wrote: ” And we know that loves God, all the things help good, that is to say, to which according to his intention they are llamados.” (Roman 8:28) Why we were hopeless? Because our human reasoning takes to that we have a defeatist and negative perspective than happens ours around.

What waits for God? That there is in us a delay patient, trusting and had with faith in Him. The Word says: ” But you are santo, you that you live between the praises of Israel. In you they waited for our parents; they hoped, and freed you them. They cried out, and they were freed; they trusted you, and they were not avergonzados.” (Psalm 22:3 – 5) God is not the culprit of whatever happens to him, but I can say something to him: God can become the creator so that a change in the circumstances takes place that happen with their life. It is arranged to hope in God? Now, if it wishes that we help him to intercede in oration, does not doubt in writing to us.